Home Groups

Home Groups

We believe that church is about more than just Sunday morning. Home Groups are where we get to figure out life together, build lasting relationships and ask questions about life and faith. They are also a place where we can discover the unique ways God created us to help in our communities.

Home Groups are where we connect relationally with one another as well as learn to serve together. The groups meet in people’s homes, some over a meal, others over coffee and nibbles. All groups are different, one has people mainly from a non-English speaking background, one is for more senior members of the community, some are mixed in ages and backgrounds and one is specifically for young adults.

Leabrook (Younger Women)
Monday 10am (weekly)
More info: Catherine Carr

Monday 7:30pm (2nd and 4th Mondays)
More info: Karen Walker 0423 584 426,  karelwalk1@gmail.com

Tuesday 7:30pm (weekly)
More info: Lynette Swift 0403 580 285ljswift@adam.com.au

Wednesday 7:30pm (1st and 3rd Wednesday)
More info: Rod and Marg Ridley 8431 2002,  rodmarg@iprimus.com.au

Wednesday 7:45pm (2nd and 4th Wednesday)
More info: David and Ann Eastick 8338 3280,  annveastick@aapt.net.au

St Peters (Young Adults)
Wednesday 6:45pm (weekly)
More info: David Garland david garland@kbcsa.org.au
                    Andy Glowacki 0433 370 795, andyglowacki@kbcsa.org.au

Thursday 1:30pm (1st of each month)
More info: Jenny Read 8379 3593

Friday night home group
Friday 7:30pm (fortnightly)
More info: Mark Stevens 0438 530 488, mastevens@tpg.com.au